Natural Earth Pigment - Ultramarine Blue - 3 oz.
Natural Earth Pigment - Ultramarine Blue - 3 oz.

Natural Earth Pigment - Ultramarine Blue - 3 oz.

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This radiant blue pigment is our only color that has been fired to get its vibrant color. It is composed of 90% earthen clay and 10% man-made, non-toxic minerals, and it is heated in an oven to a high temperature. The composition of the mineral is Si4O10(OH)2Mg3. Throughout history, blues in nature were very rare and usually made with precious stones like Lapis Lazuli. These stones are now unsustainably harvested in Afghanistan, so we have found this beautiful, non-toxic and sustainably-made alternative from France.

Natural Earth Pigments are beautifully archival, eco-friendly, and sustainably harvested from around the world. This packet can be mixed with a variety of natural binders to create archival, professional grade paint. Look for other colors to combine and create your own unique hues!

  • Lightfastness: Excellent
  • Particle size: 50 micron
  • Opacity: Semi-transparent
  • Color stable to 300 degrees F
  • Not Lime or Cement Stable
  • Color index #PV15
  • Contains: 3 oz. pigment, 4 natural paint recipes
  • Dimensions: 6.5" x 4.5"
  • Vegan
  • Non-toxic
  • Home compostable packaging

Note: Use care when handling dry pigment; it's not healthy to breathe any type of dust into your lungs, even if it is non-toxic and natural. Where a mask when mixing if needed.

About the brand: Natural Earth Paints was founded in 2009 by a soon-to-be mom who had to work full-time prepping for a large solo art exhibition. She realized that she didn't want to expose her baby to all the toxic chemicals found in traditional paints. And so Natural Earth Paints was born. Drawing inspiration from the Renaissance masters, the growing green company uses all-natural materials to create magnificent pigments and sustainable, eco-friendly art supplies.

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